Water heater installation and repair services from experienced plumbers ensure your water is the right temperature.

No Hot Water? Broken Water Heater Repair

Is there no hot water in your shower or sink? Is there a pool of water around your water heater? Sounds like a job for Andersen Plumbing! Our knowledgeable plumbers repair or install water heaters with ease!

Fixing a Hot Water Heater

If you do not have hot water you can try to diagnose the problem yourself. A non-functional gas water heater might just need to have its pilot light re-lit. A broken thermocouple will cause a pilot light to go out automatically. Do not try to replace a thermocouple unless you know how to turn off the gas to your malfunctioning water heater. For a broken electric water heater, check to see if it blew a fuse or tripped a circuit. If none of these problems are what caused the tank type heater to stop working, try replacing the thermostat.

A more serious problem calls for a plumber. A leaking hot water tank often needs to be replaced. Whatever is wrong, trust the Milwaukee water heater repair specialists at Andersen Plumbing to fix your broken hot water heater or install a brand new one!

Water Heater Maintenance Advice from Licensed Plumbers

Your water heater should be able to last at least 10 years if properly maintained. The yearly maintenance required to improve water heater life expectancy is very simple. You should flush the sediment from the bottom of the tank and check your anode for corrosion. Before doing either, turn off the water heater and put on gloves. The water in your heater is extremely hot and can cause serious burns.

Next, shut the valve for cold water entering the tank and screw a hose onto the drain valve. Run the hose outside but remember the water coming out of it will be very hot, so place it carefully. Open the pressure relief valve and then open the drain valve. Wait while the sediment-filled water drains. Once it is done draining, close the drain valve and pressure relief valve. Take off the hose and turn on the cold water line entering the heater.

After draining the water, remove the anode rod and check to see if it needs replacing. The anode rod is a ¾” thick rod usually made of aluminum or magnesium installed at the top of the tank. Its job is to prevent your tank from rusting on the inside by rusting away itself. If your rod is thoroughly corroded, replace the rod with a new one.

Some water heaters have two rods. If yours has two rods, be sure both rods are the same material. To replace an anode rod, all you need to do is find and unscrew it from the top of the tank. It may be located under a small plastic cap. After emptying the storage tank and replacing the anode, you can turn on power to the heater.

If you do not feel comfortable with any of these steps, call Andersen Plumbing. Our licensed Milwaukee plumbers will ensure your water heater is running smoothly for years to come.

Call the water heater repair and installation plumbers at Andersen Plumbing for fast repair and installation services.
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